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Pilot FAQ Manager - Virtual Packaging Pilot FAQ Manager
Create platform-independant sets of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be deployed virtually anywhere from web sites to Microsoft Word documents!

USD $29.00

Pilot Song Book Creator - Virtual Packaging Pilot Song Book Creator
Create professional quality song books and organize your entire music library - all with an easy to use interface!

USD $49.00

Pilot Song File Processor - Virtual Packaging Pilot Song File Processor
Quickly rename all your music and karaoke song files in minutes for easy import into other software!

USD $19.00

USD $19.00

Tire 1 Support Tier 1 - Basic Support
Basic phone support for normal use questions, remotely connecting to your computer to demonstrate something within our expertise, etc.

USD $20.00

USD $30.00

USD $10.00 (34%)

Tier 2 Support Tier 2 - Intermediate Support
Beyond Tier 1 in that it can include certain data services like installing and configuring a DotNetNuke web site, converting a spreadsheet to a different format, etc.

USD $45.00

USD $50.00

USD $5.00 (10%)

Tier 3 Support Tier 3 - Advanced Support
This includes custom software development, consulting services for IT, etc.

USD $55.00

USD $60.00

USD $5.00 (9%)

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